Saint Marie Records

The Sunshine Factory

The Sunshine Factory exists on a foundation of juxtapositions. Here are a group of kids from the Gulf Coast channeling the spirits of late ’80s/early’90s Thames Valley subversion – two seemingly disparate environments. Band founder Ian Taylor, worked solo until 2010 then added vocalist/bassist Sally Robertson, Ian sought inspiration from a variety of sources – including the engrossing chant music he enjoyed with his Eastern Orthodox upbringing. First drawn to the energy of punk and metal, Ian began looking for something more. Ian discovered shoegaze and psychedelic music and as they say, the rest is history!

While true to the cannon of shoegaze and psychedelia, The Sunshine Factory infuses the foundational aspects of these genres with diffuse elements from the mellotron-heavy paisley underground to ancient chants. The Sunshine Factory weaves these mosaic tapestries as they continue their serendipitous journey of juxtaposition. The music is resplendent with whammified sonic assaults, electronic flourishes, and classic psychedelic instrumentation. The Sunshine Factory is at the same time fulfilling the dreams of shoegazers past and blazing new trails into the future. They are playing their part in a wonderful and ever expanding movement of sight and sound.