Saint Marie Records

When The Sun Hits

Named after a Slowdive song (clearly), WTSH are a five piece shoegaze band from the midlands, UK. A project which began six years ago during a time when the band were part of different projects which were all fracturing at the seams, a change of scenery was required.

The EP was quietly recorded and never released due to a number of ill-fated attempts at being in other bands, until now. Picked up by shoegaze hoarders, Saint Marie Records, the EP has risen from the ashes and will be released in the New Year. It’s a punchy, poppy record which sounds like it could see into the future, it sounds like now is the perfect time for this project to be played out.

The guitars of McCleary and Moore offer sweeping reverb and delay drenched sounds of optimism, together they create an attacking wall of sound, built brick by brick through distortion and chorus, creating a soundscape that ascends higher and higher until the ceilings are flooded. The EPs foundation and pop hooks stem from the solid dynamic of Davidson and Minton on bass and drums. On Stereopium, Davidson plays his bass like a Stratocaster and Minton injects the drums with insulin, keeping the sound tight enough to be constrained into the possesion of a radio play c-list.

Orton’s vocal is the instrument that holds the band together. His grittiness and power, strengthened by an attitude that will never surrender is the linchpin to the project.

WTSH will be releasing their debut EP through Saint Marie Records in the new year and will be announcing UK dates in the next forthcoming weeks.