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Young Boy

Young Boy is half-brothers Alessandro Baris and Joseph Desler Costa (of indie-rock band L’Altra renown). The brothers, separated as young boys, grew up and were raised on different continents; Alessandro in Italy and Joseph in the United States. Yet somehow, Ale and Joe managed to reconnect and communicate via their shared love and dependence on music. Putting geographic distance aside, they began sending and sharing song ideas and sketches back and forth. Eventually, collaborating over long distances became more and more difficult as the project began to take on a deeper identity and form of it’s own. Last year, Joe and Ale decided it was time to work together in person. Re-united for the first time in Italy, Young Boy wrote and recorded their debut album ‘Other Summers’ with the help of Italian produced Ivan A. Rossi. Young Boy leans heavily on a shared love of analog synth pop with each member bringing influence front their separate cultural upbringings: touches of Ennio Morricone and Lucio Battisti mix with Love and Rockets, OMD, New Order and Tom Petty to create a sound Young Boy used to dream of making.