Saint Marie Records

Jeff Runnings and For Against

Posted on June 9th, 2015

We are excited to announce that will be releasing the first solo record from Jeff Runnings of For Against next year as well as reissuing the three For Against records from the nineties. Yes, you heard me right!

Welcome to Jeff and very happy to have him aboard!

Deardarkhead Join SMR

Posted on February 15th, 2015

Please join us in welcoming Deardarkhead to the family here at SMR. Look for a new release in the very near future.

Some bands seemingly come out of nowhere with a debut release only to turn out to have a long established history, which turned out to be the case with New Jersey's Deardarkhead. Consisting of guitarist Kevin Harrington, drummer Robert Weiss, and bassist/singer Michael Amper, Deardarkhead (the name comes from an Irish poem), the group formed in 1988 and have been happily recording and playing since. The group's sound is openly and proudly Anglophilic, combining both elements of the blissout/shoegaze scene and a slightly older vein of post-punk guitar experimentalism, making at its best a rich combination between the two influences, shamelessly romantic and elegant. Running their own label, Fertile Crescent, the members first released two demo tapes, Greetings From the Infernal Village and Spiral Down and Away, followed in the early '90s by two separate CD singles, Melt Away Too Soon and Ultraviolet. The group then took a lengthy recording break before creating its full album Unlock the Valves of Feeling, which appeared in 1998. The group continued to play into the 2000s, surviving the loss of Amper in 2009 by continuing as an instrumental trio.

The Cherry Wave make a splash and join Saint Marie

Posted on December 21st, 2014

The Cherry Wave is now part of the SMR family! You can get their Blush EP and Avalancher LP via Saint Marie. Pre-order the Avalancher CD here: 

"If the moon smiled, she would resemble you. You leave the same impression of something beautiful, but annihilating" ~ Sylvia Plath

Formed in 2012 and having supported the likes of Nothing, Ringo Deathstarr, Paws and The Telescopes, The Cherry Wave are a noise-laden, fuzz-obsessed four-piece from Glasgow, Scotland. Taking equal inspiration from Shoegaze, Noise and Hardcore Punk, their approach has been to make music which is aggressive and urgent while also washed out, blurry and hazy. The guitars are like an explosion in a fuzz pedal factory and the vocals sound like they were recorded inside a black hole. This has resulted in them creating a very unique and individual sound.


Secret Shine Joins Saint Marie

Posted on October 31st, 2014

We are over the moon excited to announce that yet another one of the influences for us starting Saint Marie have joined the family. Please welcome Secret Shine! Look for a track on Static Waves 3, a REISSUE OF UNTOUCHED next year on vinyl and CD (with others soon to follow), as well as a new record early next year. Follow the band on Facebook!

1990 to 1996
The group originally formed under the name Amelia's Dream.[1] After sending a 3-song demo to Sarah Records, Scott Purnell and Jamie Gingell recorded their first single for the label, After Years. After recruiting three more members (Nick Dyte, Dean Purnell, and Paul Vowles) they recorded the Unbearable single for the A Turntable Friend label in Germany. The addition of Dean Tyler to the lineup resulted in the Ephemeral single on Sarah. Later, Jamie and Scott recorded some demos that became the Untouched album.

In 1993 the album, along with the Loveblind single, was recorded and released. The addition of vocalist Kathryn Smith to the band added a new dimension, and this period saw them enter the Indie charts and become part of the burgeoning shoegazing scene.

Just as things were starting to grow, Jamie and Scott felt it was necessary to go back to University for their final year, which slowed things down somewhat. After University, however, the band got back together and recorded the Greater than God EP, which they regard as their most accomplished work 1.

After the recording of the Each to the Other flexidisc, Dean Tyler left the band, followed by Nick Dyte. Tim Morris joined, on drums, the rest of the lineup being Jamie (vocals and bass), Scott (guitars), Dean Purnell (guitars), and Kathryn (vocals). The single Wasted Away was recorded, released on Spoiler Records as Sarah had recently folded. After playing a gig in Oxford in early 1996, the band decided to call it a day, though they never officially split.

2004 to Present
In 2004, a retrospective collection called After Years was released by the Clairecords label, containing all their Sarah material (apart from the first single, and including the Untouched album).

Though not the main reason for the band reforming, it was certainly a "catalyst" 2. To begin with, events were fluid. Scott left for a while, and, tragically, Tim Morris died. This made the band get back together again, and as a tribute to Tim they recorded the 8-song, acoustic Morris album.

The band are still together. Their album All of The Stars was released 8 April 2008.[2] And the album The Beginning and the End, featuring 12 new songs, was released 5 January 2011. Look for an all new full length record in early 2015 on Saint Marie Records.