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Seasurfer - Dive In (Robin Guthrie Master) SMRCX005

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Release Date: 1/18/15

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We Run
Dragon Song
Under Water
Dive In (Nacht Nukleus)
The Big Panthers War

An alternate mastering by Robin Guthrie of the already classic shoegaze record "Dive In" by Seasurfer.

Punk? Dreampop? Alternative? SEASURFER are somehow all that and say of themselves that they are playing something like dreampunk. But that doesn`t really matter, What’s essential is what is inside ... and that's a lot: a charismatic singer, guitar without end, and a wild drummer in the back corner. It creaks and whistles from all corners , but that`s it: dirty, poignant, authentic. Good thing! Just a cool sound!

Singer, Dorian E. from Berlin builds her very own wall of sound. Heavenly floating. Abysmally low. Loving and grieving .

Songwriter and guitarist, Dirk (also founder of the Dreampop band, "Dark Orange") spits his Fuzz Reverb guitars out of the amplifier. Wall of Sound. Trash. Noise. Intricate melody carpets.

Bassist, Mikel, plays a fat bass, reminiscent of the good Simon Gallup of "The Cure ". Dramatic. Supporting. Melodic.

The drummer beats around like a wild man and has to bang around in the back.