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For Against / 3xCD Bundle SMR134CD


Release Date: November 23, 2018

CDs and individual vinyl also available:

Aperture Vinyl/CD
Lunchroom Vinyl/CD
Shelf Life Vinyl/CD

Pressing Information

Limited CD "Bundle" (qty 250)
Featuring All Three 1990’s Records
Remastered With Updated Artwork
12 Page "Bundle" Exclusive Booklet **CD Bundle and Vinyl Boxset Exclusive**
Black CD Bundle Packaging Band **CD Bundle Exclusive**
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It was surprising-gratifying last decade, when Lincoln, Nebraska stalwarts For Against finally garnered the cult popularity they’d long deserved—at least in Europe, where generous, rapturous crowds hailed them as “darkwave” pioneers. Back home, though, it took this era’s shoegaze explosion/revival to bring them equal underground acclaim, accelerated by Captured Tracks’ 2014 Box Set, compiling their two LPs and EP, 1987-1989. It even received a 7.8 in Pitchfork, suggesting, “If they had gained a tenth of the attention Interpol attracted, it would have been a wonderful world!”

That richly deserved, delayed recognition is bound to heighten with these reissues of their three ’90s records.

1 Don't Do Me Any Favors
2 Breathless
3 Nightmare Life
4 Spent
5 Mind Framed
6 I Wish
7 Unspeakable
8 Over Nepal
9 You Only Live Twice
10 Today Today
11 Memorial

Mason’s California Lunchroom
1 Seesick
2 Vacuum
3 Crossed
4 Tagalong
5 Hindsight
6 Coursing
7 Vista
8 Infamous
9 Reinventing The Wheel
10 Mirage
11 Blow

Shelf Life
1 Shadow
2 Wintersong
3 Starblind
4 Lost
5 Profile
6 Lilacs
7 Harbor
8 Forever
9 Times Square Go-Go Boy
10 Seascape