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Seasurfer / Vampires SMR096

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Release Date: August 4, 2018
Digital Only Release

Into Dust
Sad Song
The Calling
Bring Me His Head

Falling in love for the first time in your teens is always scary. I fell in love with my best friend, and when it’s unrequited love during the day and a secret at night, one can literally go mad. It’s like falling in love in darkness. You become a vampire. Sleeping the day away to be near your lover in a parallel universe in your head. Moving to New York City in the mid 90´s saved my life. I discovered the queer scene, only to find out that I was not crazy, lost myself in the vast variety of music, running from one small indie record store to another. I became a music collector and made mix tapes for my friends in NYC and Germany. Years later, when I returned to Germany and first heard Dirk´s songs, I was immediately pulled back in time, and I fell in love with his powerful, beautiful wall of sound. All my vocal ideas for his demos shot right out of the deepest part of myself. Love, fear, demons, teen-angst, lust, and the universe.
Singer Apolonia about her lyrics for Seasurfer´s EP Vampires.

Making music is like a drug you get hooked on. When songs come together like a picture, then happiness is pure...and the four songs of this EP make me happy.
SEASURFER is like an adventure, a trip where new musicians keep coming on board and others disembarking, so that the journey continues. This EP, with my new Hamburg-based singer Apolonia, has the voice that I've been looking for for years: Ethereal, shimmering yet strong, hook lines that get stuck. It`s cool hanging out with her, and she hopefully will stay for a long time. Also, the driving bass play of my old buddy, Steven Burrows, which I admired for the English Band AND ALSO THE TREES, gives SEASURFER a new, strong kick.
Dirk Knight about Seasurfer