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Resplandor / Pleamar (2019 Reissue) SMR124

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Newly remastered!

The route of the Peruvians of Resplandor has not known another north than the uphill. Since its appearance on scene, just over ten years ago, the project of Antonio Zelada has built a very meticulous route in this to interfere in the more ethereal and dense atmospheres of rock (rubbing aesthetics like trip hop, dream pop or shoegaze). He has also taken care of every detail related to production: he spared no effort to achieve, for example, the support of an exceptional musician: Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins. That being said, we do not give any further comments. Congratulations. El Comercio newspaper

Resplandor had the most success in the United States: this past March they performed at South By South West, and in 2009 they toured the West Coast with Asobi Seksu. Three years ago, they shared a bill in Lima with Cocteau Twins guitarist Robin Guthrie and ended up becoming good friends. Pleamar is a dreamy wash of chiming guitars, hazy synths, and subtle electronics beats. Nylon Magazine.

This is what you should listen to if you want to imagine that someone recently came out with success from the general anesthesia. With a soothing voice that works as an additional... more

Original release date March 13, 2008.
Recorded at Alpamayo Sound & Estrella Negra by Robin Guthrie.
Produced & Mixed by Robin Guthrie at Bourgbarré, France
Recording Assistents: Rocco Flores Oneto and Christopher Farfán.